Interested In BANKRUPTCY?

  • Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. It can stop all collection action including, but not limited to, lawsuits, phone harassment, garnishment, foreclosure, and all other debt collection action.
  • Bankruptcy can help you rehabilitate your credit and, at the same time, discharge most or all of your debt.
  • If you are only making minimum monthly payments on your existing credit card balances, it may take over 20 years to pay the existing balances back. By the time those balances are repaid it is very likely that you will have paid more than 5 times the original or current charges.
  • Tom Kruse has over 20 years experience doing bankruptcy work. He does simple and complex bankruptcies. Simple/no asset bankruptcies currently cost $576 plus the filing fee ($209) = $785. Mr. Kruse will help prepare all papers. It is much more difficult for people to go through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy successfully now than it was two years ago. Mr. Kruse will attend the 341 bankruptcy hearing required under law.
  • Free phone consultation. In office consultation may be charged but applied toward initial flat rate bankruptcy fee. Call 425-258-6155 for consultation or appointment.
A Fresh Start for as Low as $775