Do You Need Help With Family Law Issues?

  • Tom Kruse has over 20 years experience in doing all types of family law legal work. He has experience doing divorces, paternities, parenting plan and child
    support modifications, adoptions. He has successfully helped clients for over 20 years dealing with contempt actions, domestic violence actions, visitation
    problems, child support collection actions and all other family law issues and problems.
  • Mr. Kruse is located within 2 blocks of the Snohomish County Courthouse. This can save substantial travel costs fees compared to hiring counsel who are
    required to drive and park when going to the courthouse. Mr. Kruse may be willing to take on new cases at a reasonable retainer with payment plans in some cases. Brief phone consultations are free of charge.
  • Mr. Kruse can only give flat rate fees on uncontested, agreed divorces. An uncontested, agreed divorce with no children will cost $550 plus any out of pocket expenses, such as the filing fee. With children will cost $675 plus out of pocket costs. All other family law work is billed at a rate of $200 per hour.
    Retainers are variable depending upon the nature and complexity of the case.
  • If you need help with family law issues, call Tom Kruse at 425-258-6155.
  • Parties interested in hiring an attorney to help them with automobile accidents or insurance claim cases or probates, wills and estates should go to the following page.
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