Wills / Real Estates / Probate

  • Everyone should have a will. A will can save your heirs thousands of dollars and can make some that your estate is distributed how and in the manner you
    want. A simple will can cost as little as $200. Wills need to be properly signed and executed. That is one of many reasons you may wish to hire an attorney to draw and witness your will.
  • Mr. Kruse has over 20 years experience in helping heirs and executors and estate administrators liquidate and distribute decedent's estates in accordance with their will or in accordance with the law if there was no will.
  • Mr. Kruse has experience in handling a wide range of issues involving wills, estates and probate actions. He charges $200 an hour. For a simple agreed
    probate action in which a will is involved may cost as little as $1,200 plus out-of-pocket costs.
  • Tom Kruse has experience with all types of estates -large, small, those involving real estate, will contests, false creditor's claims, trusts.
  • All parties who have assets of at least a million dollars would be wise to consider some type of estate planning. Inheritance taxes can be as high as 50%
    of those amounts not exempt. Estate planning can be used to minimize taxes, prevent loss of estates or inheritance to creditors, provide education for children and grandchildren, protect the waste of assets by heirs or relatives.
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